• Can’t Stay Awake During the Day?

    You may have a sleep disorder that we can treat. Most sleep disorders are treatable and can dramatically improve quality of life.

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    Can’t Stay Awake During the Day?
  • Can’t Fall or Stay Asleep at Night?

    We can help. Our expert team can help you sleep better, usually without medication.

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    Can’t Fall or Stay Asleep at Night?
  • Snoring or other breathing problems at night?

    We will help find the cause and most importantly work to find an individualized treatment that works best for you.

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    Snoring or other breathing problems at night?
  • We can help

    Our team of Board Certified Sleep Medicine Physicians treat every sleep disorder affecting children and adults. June M. Fry M.D., Ph.D, who founded our practice, is the most experienced sleep physician in the Philadelphia area.

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    We can help

Expert Physicians at Philadelphia’s Center for Sleep Medicine

At the Center for Sleep Medicine, we know the importance of healthy and good quality sleep. If someone doesn’t sleep well or has tiredness, many aspects of their life can be affected, including personal relationships, performance on their job, ability to exercise and lose weight, and their health. We are committed to solving your sleep problem, to improve the quality of your life. We provide a comprehensive evaluation of your sleep problem and focus on every detail of your sleep at night and level of sleepiness during the day. While many sleep centers focus only on snoring or breathing issues at night, we realize there is much more to sleep than sleep apnea and CPAP. We spend time getting to know you and understand how your sleep problem impacts your life.

All of the physicians in our office are Board Certified in Sleep Medicine, so you can have confidence that your physician at our Center has the skill and training needed to treat your condition. We also recognize every patient has different symptoms, sleep habits, and lifestyles, so we work with you to select the treatment that will work best for you. We work closely with you, your primary care physician, and other specialists, including cardiologists, dentists, otolaryngologists, neurologists, and bariatric (weight loss) surgeons.

We have two Philadelphia sleep medicine locations in the area for your convenience, in the Chestnut Hill neighborhood of Philadelphia (bordering Montgomery County) and in Darby, Pennsylvania (to serve Delaware County). We look forward to meeting you and improving your life. Please contact us to make an appointment..

We are leaders in home sleep testing, a new and exciting technology in our field
. Many of our patients leave the office the day of their initial consult with a home sleep test to expedite the diagnosis and most importantly, work to solve the sleep problem quickly. We have extensive experience in interpreting sleep studies performed in the sleep center, a more comprehensive test that allows our practitioners to understand your sleep quality in very great detail.

Some Common Conditions We Treat

Obstructive Sleep Apnea treated in Philadelphia

Obstructive Sleep Apnea

A serious breathing problem that can affect your health

Insomnia is a sleep disorder treated at the CSM


Difficulty falling or staying asleep?

Narcolepsy: Can't Stay Awake


A Rare condition causing Severe Daytime Sleepiness

Snoring is a sleep disorder for you and your partner


Get treated to make your bed partner happy.

new rls

Restless Legs Syndrome

Do your legs bother you at night?

Pediatric Sleep Disorders are treated at Philadelphia's Center for Sleep Medicine

Pediatric Sleep Disorders

We treat toddlers through teenagers.

Sleep Walking treated by Philadelphia Sleep Doctors

Sleep Walking

And other behaviors at night can be dangerous, but treatable

Shift Workers often suffer from sleep disorders

Shift Work Sleep Disorder

Shift work can cause poor sleep or tiredness